Research And Result

The goal of the BLUEPRINT project is to apply highly sophisticated functional genomics analysis on a clearly defined set of primarily human samples from healthy and diseased individuals and to provide at least 100 reference epigenomes to the scientific community. This resources-generating activity is complemented by research into blood-based diseases, inclduing commone leukemias and autoimmune disease (Type 1 Diabetes). Further information about the research acitivties can be found via the link ‘Research’.

In October 2015, BLUEPRINT entered its final year. Data generation is progressing well and BLUEPRINT will produce many more than the 100 full epigenomes originally planned. In September 2015, a large set of epigenome data was released (7th data release); the next release is expected on August 16, 2016.

Access to these data is provided (also via the IHEC data portal) as well as the protocols used to collect the different blood cell types, to perform the different types of epigenomic analyses, etc.). Also you can find more information about the cell types from which reference epigenomes will be produced, publications by the consortium and the Key Performance Indicators which will be used by the EC to monitor progress of the BLUEPRINT project.

Under ‘videos’  one can find short films made during the 4th annual consortium meeting in Hinxton (UK) on September 28+29, 2015. Besides a more general film, also 3 topic-oriented films are available.