Radboud University – Department Of Molecular Biology

Radboud University, Department of Molecular Biology
Geert Grooteplein 28
6525 GA
principal investigator
Tel.: +31 243 610 525
Joost Martens (PhD) is assistant professor at the Dept. of Molecular Biology. Joost has pioneered ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, MethylCap-seq in the analysis of molecular mechanisms of transformation/differentiation by oncofusion proteins in AML. For BLUEPRINT, he is leader of WP5.
principal investigator
Tel.: +31 24 3610524
Tel.2: +31 243 610 523
Henk Stunnenberg (PhD) is the Head of the Department of Molecular Biology. He is an internationally renowned expert in the study of mechanism of gene expression (transcription machinery, chromatin). Fields of expertise include Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Genomics and Epigenomics. He is overal coordinator of BLUEPRINT, leader of RA1a and WPs 17-19.