RA5 Training – Networking, Communication And Outreach

The research activities will be linked together through a web-based infrastructure for internal and external communication that emphasizes the exchange of information, technology and material.

BLUEPRINT has taken up the mission to develop an integrated graphical user interface that will allow access to all data generated within the consortium (combined with other publicly available data that might be relevant for evaluating the results). The webportal-connected interface will provide intuitive and straightforward access to users not familiar with the complexities of querying biological databases or repositories. This will enable clinicians, biologists and students and also the interested layman to query and mine the results of BLUEPRINT for their research questions, integrate the data in treatment strategies or even develop new therapies.

Topical workshops for communication between workpackages will be organized as well as Training activities, especially in the area of computational biology, which has a high priority in many of the participating countries and computational epigenomics is an important aspect of this.

BLUEPRINT further recognizes that in silico researchers benefit from interactions with wet-bench epigenetics researchers. Therefore laboratory exchanges will be implemented in which researchers will visit labs within and outside BLUEPRINT. In addition, annual meetings provide an important communication and networking activity. Integration and dissemination to other members of the epigenetics community will be achieved through Joint Symposia (e.g. with IHEC and EpiGeneSys).

Finally, work packages 18 and 19 concern Management and Key Performance Indicators, respectively. Key Performance Indicators will provide information about the status and progress of the project’s main tasks and will be published on a separate part of this public website.

Research Area Leader: Anne Ferguson-Smith

Training, Networking and CommunicationLeader: Jörn Walter
Dissemination and OutreachLeader: Henk Stunnenberg
Project managementLeader: Henk Stunnenberg
Key Performance IndicatorsLeader: Henk Stunnenberg