As part of our dissemination activities, BLUEPRINT will produce several newsletter to inform the public about the general activities of the project as well as about special highlights and publications resulting from the project.

You can download the newsletters from this website. We will continu to add newsletters as more output becomes available.

* Introducing the BLUEPRINT project
* A cut-and-paste operatiuon that defines cell fates (Science publication)
* The watchmen of immunity need signals and sugar (Science publications)
* The life of a B-cell (Nature Genetics publication)
* When B cells go rough (Nature Genetics publication)
* Balancing accessibility and privacy for epigenomic data (Genome Biology publication)
* Bringing epigenetics into the world of medical pratice (publications in Nature Biotechnology -Bock et al and Libertini et al- and Nature Communication – Libertini et al and Rendeiro et al.)