New Blueprint Films

In October 2011, BLUEPRINT set out to further our understanding of how our genes are activated or repressed, in particiular in blood cells of both healthy and diseased individuals.

With BLUEPRINT now running to its end, a project film takes stock of the activities and achievements of this outstanding international research endeavour. What could be achieved so far? What drives and motivates the people behind BLUEPRINT? These are only some of the questions addressed by the film, which gives viewers a vivid glance ‘behind the scenes’ and exciting insight into the work of one of Europe’s so called ‘High Impact Projects’  in medical research.

Besides a short film providing an overview of the different BLUEPRINT activities as they were discussed during the annual consortium meeting in September 2015 in Hinxton (UK), BLUEPRINT is also be releasing topic-specific films. In May a film on “The epigenetic Basis of Blood Diseases” was posted. In June, a film with the theme “Big data and the first epigenetic atlas of blood cells” was released. And recently, a fourth short film was posted on “BLUEPRINT as a large European Network project”.