Nature Genetics Paper For IDIBAPS- team and several other BLUEPRINT Teams

In the issue of June 8, 2015, Iñaki Martin-Subero, Elias Campo and co-workers, including severeal other BLUEPRINT team, published a paper entitled “Whole-genome fingerprint of the DNA methylome during human B cell differentiation”.

The paper describes the analyses of the DNA methylome of ten subpopulations spanning the entire B cell differentiation program by whole-genome bisulfite sequencing and high-density microarrays. It was observed that non-CpG methylation disappeared upon B cell commitment, whereas CpG methylation changed extensively during B cell maturation, showing an accumulative pattern and affecting around 30% of all measured CpG sites. Early differentiation stages mainly displayed enhancer demethylation, which was associated with upregulation of key B cell transcription factors and affected multiple genes involved in B cell biology.