Epigenetics Biomarker Development

Epigenetic biomarkers have significant potential for guiding personalized therapy, which is illustrated by recent advances in solid tumors. The BLUEPRINT project supports several lines of research on epigenetic biomarkers, aimed at accelerating the discovery, validation and routine use of epigenetic biomarkers for hematopoietic diseases.

The BLUEPRINT consortium now invites project proposals by the scientific community that are aimed at establishing the clinical utility of epigenetic biomarkers for hematopoietic diseases. Priority will be given to proposals that are based on well-characterized cohorts (e.g., collected as part of large randomized controlled clinical trials, prospective cohort studies and large-scale biobanking initiatives) and that provide a strong rationale for the proposed epigenetic biomarker(s) being actionable and clinically relevant, and that fall within the research areas of the BLUEPRINT project. Ideally, applicants can describe a clear and consistent roadmap toward widespread clinical implementation, of which the proposed project will cover an important step.

Further information about the call can be found via the links below.