Blueprint Papers In Cell And Cell Press Journals

BLUEPRINT scientists release a collection of 26 publications in Cell, Cell Press-associated and other high-impact journals.
Of these 26 publications, 14 are being released in Cell and Cell Press-associated journals, and an additional 12 papers have been published or will soon be published in other high-impact journals.

CellEditorial: The Cell editorial team: A Cornucopia of Advances in Human Epigenomics. Cell 167 (5): 1139

Essay: Hendrik G. Stunnenberg, The International Human Epigenome Consortium, Martin Hirst. (2016).
          The International Human Epigenome Consortium: A Blueprint for Scientific Collaboration and
          Discovery. Cell 167 (5): 1145-1149 

  1. Astle, W.J., Elding, H., Jiang, T., Allen, D., Ruklisa, D., Mann, A.L., Mead, D., Bouman, H., Riveros-Mckay, F., Kostadima, M.A., et al. (2016). The allelic landscape of human blood cell trait variation and links to common complex disease. Cell 167 (5): 1415-1429.e19
  2. Chen, L., Ge, B., Casale, F.P., Vasquez, L., Kwan, T., Garrido-Martín, D., Watt, S., Yang, Y., Kundu, K., Ecker, S., et al. (2016). Genetic drivers of epigenetic and transcriptional variation in human immune cells. Cell 167 (5): 1398-1414.e24
  3. Javierre, B.M., Burren, O.S., Wilder, S.P., Kreuzhuber , R., Hill, S.M., Sewitz, S., Cairns, J., Wingett, S.W., Várnai, C., Thiecke, M.J., et al. (2016). Lineage-specific genome architecture links diseasevariants to target genes. Cell 167 (5): 1369-1384.e19
  4. Novakovic, B., Habibi, E., Wang, S.-Y., Arts, R.J.W., Davar, R., Megchelenbrink, W., Kim, B., Kuznetsova, T., Kox, M., Zwaag, J., et al. (2016). ß-glucan reverses the epigenetic state of LPS induced immunological tolerance. Cell 167 (5): 1354-1368.e14