Blueprint data

The overall ambitious goal of the BLUEPRINT project is to generate at least 100 reference epigenomes of distinct types of haematopoietic cells from healthy individuals and their malignant counterparts. So far isolated cells from 11 Bone marrow, 64 Venous blood, 46 Cord blood, 1 Tonsil and 7 Cell line samples and performed epigenomic analysis including RNA-seq, DNAme-seq, DNAseI-seq and 8 different ChIP-seq experiments. The latest public release includes data from monocytes, granulocyte neutrophils, eosinophils, macrophages (M0 , M1 and M2), naive CD4+ and naive CD8+ cells and cell line samples.

If you would like to browse our data, please visit the DCC portal. You can browse experiments, analysis files and raw data.

If you would like to visualize our data, please visit our Genomatix Browser or using the BLUEPRINT Trackhub in either Ensembl or UCSC.

If you would like to explore our data, please visit the BLUEPRINT Data Analysis portal. You can also use DeepBlue and GenomeStats to explore BluePrint data.

Tutorials are available for our different services:
– DCC Portal
– Trackhub
– Genomatix browser
– Data Analysis Portal
     * first steps: knowing the interface
     * tutorial: doing a search

Our data can also be browsed and visualized trhough the IHEC data portal

For the results pf Work Package 10 (the effect of common sequence variation on the epigenome landscape), there is a WP10 data analysis portal 

If you have questions about the data release or the different systems to view the data, please send a message to:
Further details about earlier release can be found via ‘Data Release’.