Barcelona Conferences On Epigenetics and Cancer – BCEC 2013

Venue – CosmoCaixa Science Museum, Barcelona, Spain

One of the biggest challenges in biomedicine today is understanding how signal pathways regulated by the interaction of genetic programming and environmental factors impact on the epigenetic plasticity of chromatin in health and disease. This knowledge could be exploited for the generation and improvement of novel tools for the prediction, the diagnosis, and eventually the individualized treatment of cancer.

As a joint venture of five leading Barcelonian institutes, the Barcelona Conferences of Epigenetics and Cancer (BCEC) series has been launched to bring together leading investigators in the fields of chromatin research and cancer. We will discuss fundamental aspects of cancer biology and epigenetics and the possibilities to exploit this knowledge for the development of novel tools for the management of cancer.

The first of the BCEC series in November 2013 will focus on discussing in breadth and depth the current challenges, opportunities and perspectives of cancer epigenetics. More specialized topics will ensue in subsequent years. BCECs are a B-DEBATE activity of BioCat and are generously supported by the Fundación La Caixa.