Access To Eight Release Of Data

The data can be accessed via:

At EBI, the ftp site with the data can be found. You can either opt to link to the track hubs yourself (see tutorial). Or or you can use these links to add the current track hub to a genome browser – UCSC
or ENSEMBL. Also Meta Data files and README are available in ftp. Also data can be accessed via BLUEPRINT Data coordination (DCC) portal.

visual interface was developed by Genomatix. A tutorial is available.

The data can also be accessed via the Data portal. There are 2 tutorials available yet for the data portal: 
First steps: knowing the interface  and Tutorial: doing a search.

BLUEPRINT data can also be accessed using DEEPBLUE. A manual, a list of examples, and use cases are also available.   

Data from Work Package 10 (the effect from common sequence variation on the epigenomic landscape), can be accessed via the WP10 data analysis portal.